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Web Mining, Text Mining and Web Intelligence



PhD's involved: Alí­pio Jorge (FCUP, coord.), Pavel Brazdil (FEP,coord.), Luís Torgo (FCUP), João Cordeiro (UBI), Nuno Escudeiro (ISEP),  Ricardo Campos (IPT), Conceição Rocha.
Collaborators: Carlos Soares, Brett Drury,  Jorge Morais, M Valizadeh, Vitor Costa, André V. Rodrigues.
PhD students: Amir Nabizadeh, João Vinagre,  Luís Trigo,  Nuno Miguel Moniz, Rui Sarmento. 


  • Recommendation and Web adaption: Development of tools and algorithms for web recommendation and adaptation. We study recommender systems for binary feedback, exploitation of background and context information for recommender algorithm enhancement and incremental approaches to recommender algorithms based on nearest neighbor and matrix factorization approaches. Combination of usage, content and structure information in recommender models. We use the techniques of collaborative filtering, association rules, among others. We currently have one application in production at the site for the recommendation of musical tracks.
  • Information Retrieval and Detection of Networks: Retrieving and extracting and processing relevant information from the web is demanding task, that can only be done with the support of automatic tools. We investigate the use of machine learning and data analysis techniques that would facilitate this process. One particular application area is similarity analysis among researchers' publications, generation of clusters and their characterization by keywords. Two Ph.D. are underway on this topic (L.Trigo, R.Sarmento). We also explore temporal information in web content to associate implicit temporal information with queries.
  • Document classification / Information Extraction: In every field the amount of information to be shared has grown exponentially, which in itself justifies the use of automated techniques to extract information. One objective of this area is to extract meaningful and useful information from natural language text or unstructured text. In particular,  we are investigating the problem of extracting specific information about a particular domain (e.g. financial end economic data, bibliography concerned with certain topic etc.).

  • Automatic Summarization of given text. This involves both extractive summarization and simplification of individual sentences. Two Ph.D.'s were completed on the this topic ( J,.Cordeiro, 2011; M Valizadeh, 2015).
  • Sentiment analysis: This area involves attributing automatically positive or negative sentiment of text or part of the text. One PhD was completed (Brett Drury, 2015) and two MSc theses were completed in 2015.

  • Web / Content Management Automation: This sub-area deals with the automation of tasks related to web site maintenance, from the point of view of content, structure and presentation. We have developed EdMate, a methodology and tool for assisting editors of content bases, such as web portals. This work has been done in collaboration with the company PortalExecutivo. This tool is based on the analysis of content meta-data and web logs.


Previous Projects

  • Site-o-Matic - Web Site Automation (Project POSI / EIA / 58367/ 2004)

  • Mail-maid: automatic mail classification platform - lead by Nuno Escudeiro and currently with a pilot version running in APPIA web server.
  • VIPAccess, Ubiquitous Web Access for Visually Impaired People (PTDC/PLP/72142/2006) (P.Brazdil)
  • Sumo, Automatic Text Summarization for Mobile technologies (Project POSC/PLP/57438/2004), May 2005 - April 2008 (P.Brazdil)



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Publications in previous years

PhD Theses Completed:

  • M Valizadeh, Improving the Performance of Text Summarization, FCUP, Univ. Porto, MAPi, 2014, superv. P.Brazdil.
  • Brett Drury, A Text Mining System for Evaluating the Stock Market's Response To News, Univ. Porto, 2013, superv. L.Torgo
  • Bruno Nogueira, Análise de agrupamentos ativo e semi-supervisionado, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil e Universidade do Porto, 2013, supervisors Solange Rezende (USP), Alípio Jorge.
  • Ricardo Campos,  Disambiguating Implicit Temporal Queries for Temporal Information Retrieval Applications, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto, sup. Gael Dias (U. Caen, Fr), Alípio Jorge, 2013.
  • Marcos Aurélio Domingues, "An independent platform for monitoring, analyzing and adapting web sites", Universidade do Porto, 2010, supervisors Alípio Jorge, Carlos Soares.
  • Nuno Escudeiro, “Semi-automatic classification: using active learning for efficient class coverage”,  Universidade do Porto, 2012, supervisors Alípio Jorge, Rui Camacho.
  • Mário Amado Alves, “Adaptive Hypertext: The shattered document approach", Universidade do Porto. supervisors Alípio Jorge, José Paulo Leal, 2013.
  • António Jorge do Nascimento Morais, “A Multi-Agent approach for Web Adaptation”, Universidade do Porto, supervisors Alípio Jorge and Eugénio Oliveira (FEUP), 2013.
  • João Cordeiro: Rule induction for Sentence Reduction, Ph.D., UBI, 2011 (superv. G.Dias, P.Brazdil).
  • Marcos Aurélio Domingues, Exploiting Multidimensional Data for Web Site Automation, PhD in Computer Science, University of Porto. (Sup. Alípio Jorge and Carlos Soares).

PhD Thesis in Progress:

  • Luis Trigo, Estudo de Comunidades de Investigadores com Recurso à Text Mining em Bases de Dados Bibliográficas, Ph.D. course Human Language Technologies, FLUP (superv. P.Brazdil)
  • João Vinagre,  (superv. A.Jorge)
  • Rui Sarmento,  Scaling-up Retrieval, Visualization and Validation of Similarities among Document Sets, PRODEI, FEP (superv. P.Brazdil, J.Gama)

MSc Theses

Organized Events


Software and Datasets: