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Doctoral Courses

  • MAPi, Doctoral Program in Computer Science of U.Minho, Porto and Aveiro
  • PRODEI - Doctoral Programme in Infomatics Engineering, F.Engineering (FEUP)
  • PDCC - Doctoral Programme in Computer Science, F.Science (FCUP)
  • HLT,  3rd Cycle, Human Language Technologies (specialization of Studies in Language Sciences), F.Letras (FLUP), U.Porto
  • DECON, Doctoral Programme in Economics, F.Econ. (FEP)
  • PDMA - Doctoral Programme in Applied Mathematics, F.Science (FCUP)

among others

Master Courses

  • MADSAD - Master in Modeling,Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems, F.Econ (FEP)
  • MGC - Master in Sales Management, F.Econ (FEP)
  • MCC - Master in Computer Science, F.Science (FCUP)
  • MCC - Master in Communication Sciences, F.Letras (FLUP), FBAUP, F.Eng.(FEUP)
  • MIEIC - Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering, F.Eng.(FEUP)
  • MCI - Master in Information Science, F.Eng.(FEUP), F.Letras (FLUP)

among others