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Pavel Brazdil

Pavel Brazdil is a member of LIAAD INESC TEC, where he conducts most of his research. He is a founder of a strong Machine Learning / Data Mining group within LIAAD (Lab. of AI and Decision Support), which has its origins at LIACC (Lab. of AI and Comp. Science). This laboratory was founded in 1988 and P.Brazdil was one of its four founders.

Since 1988 he has held the post of Full Professor (Prof. Catedrático) at the Faculty of Economics (FEP) of University of Porto where he taught courses on Information systems, Data Mining and Text Mining. He has supervised 12 PhD students and currently is supervising 3 others. Although he has officially retired in mid-July 2015, he continues his R&D activities, including teaching at Master and Doctoral courses and supervision of post-graduate students.

Pavel Brazdil is a Fellow of ECCAI, European Coordinating Committee for AI (since 2008). His h-index is 23.

Main Research Lines

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), Data Mining
  • Meta-learning, Selection of Machine Learning Algorithms, Planning to Learn,
  • Extraction of information from text, Automatic summarization;


Other Activities and Information:

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