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Algorithm Selection via Metalearning and Planning


PhD's involved: Pavel Brazdil (FEP, coord., LIAAD), João Gama (FEP, LIAAD), Alípio Jorge
Collaboration: Carlos Soares (FEUP, CESE), Rui Leite (FEP),  Salisu Abdulrahman (U.Kano, Nigeria)
PhD students: Fábio Pinto (CESE).

Main objectives and activities:

  • Exploit metaknowledge / metalearning to aid the user in selecting the appropriate ML (or other) algorithm for a given problem.
  • Aid the user in selecting the appropriate combination of KDD / Data Mining methods for the given problem. Select from a range of data pre-processing and modelling methods.
  • Planning experiments to select an appropriate Data Mining method: Plan experiments so as to determine which algorithm has a better chance of producing better results.




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Ph.D. Theses Completed:

  • Salisu M AbdulrahmanDevelopment of Support System for Workflow Design for Data Mining Problems that Exploit Meta-learning, MAPi.
  • Rui Leite: Control of Process of Knowledge Extraction from Data and Data Mining, FCUP, Porto, 2008
  • Carlos SoaresLearning Ranking s of Learning Algorithms, 2004

PhD Theses in Progress

  • Fabio Pinto: Metalearning for Dynamic Integration in Ensemble Methods.

M.Sc Theses Completed:

  • Maria João Ferreira, Automated workflow design for classifying documents, MADSAD/FEP, 2017
  • Miguel Cachada, Automatic Design of Machine Learning Workflows, MADSAD/FEP, 2017

Recent Events (Workshops):

Metalearning and Algorithm Selection Google Group