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Artigos em Revistas Internacionais com Revisores


João Mendes-Moreira, Alípio M. Jorge, J. F. D. Sousa, C. Soares, Comparing state-of-the-art regression methods for long term travel time prediction, Intelligent Data Analysis, Vol. 16 (3), pp. 427-449, 2012 [ISI, DBLP]

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7 Pedro Quelhas Brito, Teen conceptualization of digital technologies, New Media & Society, Vol. 14 (3), pp.513-532. [ISI, DBLP]
8 Pedro Quelhas Brito, Tweens’ Characterization of Digital Technologies, Computers & Education, Vol. 59 (2) pp. 580–593.  [ISI, DBLP]
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