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My Supevisors and Mentors

PhD studies

I have my studies at the University of Edinburgh. I have started my studies of M.Phil in 1973 and later changed for PhD. I was very lucky to have had excellent teachers, supervisors and in particular the vivid environment with many seminars and discussion groups. Among many I wish to acknowledge, in particular:

  • Prof. Bernard Meltzer, who accepted me for the M.Phil studies and supervised my work in the first years,
  • Prof. Gordon Plotkin (Homepage, Wikipedia, GSh-index 58, 22.5k cit.) who was my supervisor in my PhD studies,
  • Prof. Bob Kowalski (Wikipedia; GS, h-index 46, 16.4k cit.) for who showed us how to explain complex things in a simple way,
  • Prof. Donald Michie for his enlightening talks on pole balancing (later referred to as reinforment learning by others), chess end games and many other topics,
  • Prof. Alan Bundy (GS, h-index 39, 7.1k cit.) for many interesting seminars, but who tried to discourage me from studying ML, but rather investigate the issues of KR (fortunately I disregarded this advice).

First degree

I have my studies at VUT - Vysoké Ucení Technické / Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech R

I owe a lot to my school teachers:

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