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Projects coordinated by members of LIAAD or in which members of LIAAD participate(d):

International projects funded in 2012:

  • ICT4Depresion: User-friendly ICT Tools to Enhance Self-management and Effective Treatment of Depression in the EU,  2010/13, Rui Camacho, Coordinating partner: INESC Porto, Artur Rocha
  • e-Policy: Engineering the POlicy-making LIfe CYcle (FP7 STREP), 2011-1014. Coordinating partner: University of Bologna; responsible in LIAAD: Luís Torgo.

FCT projects funded in 2010:

  • KDUS - Knowledge Discovery from Ubiquitous Data Streams (PTDC/EIA-EIA/098355/2008), Coordinating partner: 2010/.. INESC - João Gama.
  • MORWAQMonitoring and Predicting Water Quality Parameters.PTDC/EIA/68489/2006, 2008/2011, Coordinating partner, INESC - L.Torgo
  • Rank!: Development of a methodology to predict rankings of items,  PTDC/EIA/81178/2006, Coordinating partner: FEP - Carlos Soares
  • oRANKIResource-bounded outlier detection, PTDC/EIA/68322/2006, 2008/2011, Coordinating partner, INESC - L.Torgo
  • Trust-aware: Automatic E-Contract Negotiation in Agent-based Adaptive Normative Environments / Confiança e Reputação na Negociação de Contratos Electrónicos por Agentes em ambientes Normativos Adaptáveis (PTDC/EIA-EIA/104420/2008), P.Campos, Coordinating partner: FEUP - Eugénio Oliveira.
  • HORUS: Horn Representations of Uncertainty in Systems (project in the area of Statistical Relational Learning (SRL) (PTDC/EIA-EIA/100897/2008), 2010/2013, Rui Camacho, Coordinating partner: FCUP - Vítor Santos Costa
  • ILP-Web-Services, PTDC/EIA/70841/2006, 2008/10, Coordinating partner: FEUP, Rui Camacho.
  • STAMPA, Sophisticated Tabling Mechanisms for Prolog and their Applications, PTDC/EIA/67738/2006, 2008/10, Coordinating partner: FCUP, Ricardo Rocha
  • Evolution of Ecological Relevant Genes, PTDC/BIA-BDE/66765/2006, 2008/10, Rui Camacho, Coordinating partner: IBMC, Jorge Vieira
  • VIPAccess, Ubiquitous Web Access for Visually Impaired People (PTDC/PLP/72142/2006), 2009/2011, FEP - P.Brazdil, Coordinating partner: UBI.
  • Evolutionary algorithms for Decision Problems in Management SciencePTDC/EGE-GES/099741/2008, Coordinating partner: FEP - Dalila Fontes

Other Projects in 2010

  • Palco Principal: Palco 3.0 – Sistema Web Inteligente de Apoio à Gestão de uma Rede Social na Área da Música (Funding Programme: ON.2 -  Regional Operating Programme for the North 2008/2011) - A.Jorge
  • Argos - Rampas - with Argonne National Lab,  J.Gama, sub-contract of INESC
  • F-Aviex - Avaliação de Viabilidade de um Expert System na FLEX2000 (área de produção de espumas)
  • Convenio FCT-CAPES 224/09, with USP