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Modeling using Multi-agent frameworks



PhDs involved: Pedro Campos (coord.), Pavel Brazdil.


  • Modeling Organizational Dynamics: We have used a Multi-Agent Based System to simulate a representative set of firms for a specific type of industries and geographical locations and observed the interaction among them, with special attention to their cooperation and survival. We defined a variant of the density dependence model to set up the dynamics of the firms in the simulation. The parameters of the model were adjusted, using a GA-like approach, to approximate the behaviour as closely as possible to the given data. One Ph.D. is in progress on this topic (by Pedro Campos).

  • Modeling Banks and Clients for Credit Allocation: A Multi-Agent system was developed that enables to simulate banks and their clients for the purpose of studying the effects of altering certain parameters (e.g. margin). One M.Sc. was completed on this topic and the work documented in the form of a workshop paper (Gomes, Brazdil, 2004).


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Ph.D. Completed:

  • Pedro Campos: Evolutionary data analysis using simulation and effects decomposition (2007).