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Distributed ILP for Data Mining



PhD Researchers: Rui Camacho
Colaborators: Nuno Fonseca (EMBLE-EBI, Cambrige, UK), Luísa Pereira (IPATIMUP), Jorge Vieira (IBMC)
PhD students: Pedro Abreu, Carlos Adriano Gonçalves (U.Vigo)

Research Lines:

Parallelism to improve ILP systems:

We are concerned with the development of techniques to improve the performance of ILP systems. We adopt a distributed and parallel execution of ILP systems to improve: the speed of execution; the quality of solutions and enable the processing of large amounts of data in complex domains. The improvements will make ILP systems more adequate for (Relational) Data Mining applications where both the amount of data and number of relations is very large. Under this line of research we are also integrating stochastic methods into parallel execution of ILP systems to profit from the advantages of both approaches.

General purpose Data Mining platform:

We have made two implementatons of the developments made under this line of research.
We have developed a distributed computing platform for Data Mining. This platform, implemented in Java, is independent of the Data Analysis tool (can use an ILP system, a Decision Tree system, the R-project tool etc) and is also independent of the Operating System (runs on Linux and Windows). The platform runs on conventional Desktop Machines (PCs) and uses only idle computational resources. The main purpose of this line of research is to make analysis of very large amounts of data affordable and possible within any organisation. The platform has also an extra special feature for our ILP system (IndLog) that allows IndLog to generate, at run time, new tasks to be scheduled by the platform scheduler.
The second implementation (the APIS system) uses a technique where by the hypotesis space is partitioned into a set of subspaces and each subspace is searched independently.

Applications for parallel execution of ILP systems:

We are applying the distributed version of ILP to the following complex problems: The Protein Folding problem; Analysis of DNA sequences; A Structure-Activity Relationship problem with drugs to control hypertension; Protein Unfolding simulation data; Intrusion Detection System.


Book chapters:

  • "Induction as a search procedure'', Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Rui Camacho, Vítor Costa, Nuno Fonseca, in the book "Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Problem Solving Techniques" edited by Dimitris Vrakas e Ioannis Vlahavas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Grece, pp. 166-216, Chapter 7, 2008

Journals and International Conferences:

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Doctoral thesis completed:

  • Célia Talma Gonçalves, A Tool for Text Mining in Molecular Biology Domains, 2013, Supervisors Eugénio Oliveira and Rui Camacho
  • Ruy Cesar Ramos, Extracção Automática de Conhecimento Utilizando Computação Distribuida em Sistemas de Indução de Programas em Lógica, 2012, Supervisor: Rui Camacho
  • Nuno Fonseca, Parallelism in Inductive Logic Programing systems, 2006, Supervisors: Fernando Silva and Rui Camacho

Pos-Doctotal position:

  • Applying ILP to gene sequence analysis
    Researcher: Nuno Fonseca, Supervisor: Jorge Vieira, Rui Camacho and Fernando Silva


  • SIBILA (Towards Smart Interacting Blocks that Improve Learned Advice { NORTE-07-0124-FEDER-000059) initiated in 2013.
  • Grid Computing project CYTED GRID (involves 12 different countries and 15 research groups),  2006-2009
  • ILP-Web-Service: An Inductive Logic Programming based Web service, (FCT Project PTDC/EIA/70841/2006), 2008-2010

Editorial activity:

  • Rui Camacho: Guest editor (with Ashwin Srinivasan and Ross King) of the Machine Learning journal, Vol. 64, N. 1/2/3, pp 65-90, 2006 (special issue on ILP).