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Data Mining and Decision Support


Alípio M. Jorge ( coord.), Carlos Soares, Pedro Quelhas Brito, João Mendes Moreira, Cláudio Sá, Artur Aiguzhinov


  • Descriptive Data Mining: This work is focused mainly on association rules and clustering. These can be employed as explanatory and exploratory techniques in business environments (Project Triana): post-processing methods for association rule browsing (Project Class); the use of association rules to approach classification and regression problems (Project Class); modeling distributions with distribution rules.

  • Applications of Data Mining to Marketing: Sales and marketing activities yield an important stream of data. The application of association rules (AR) and decision trees (DT) in small samples is helpful for profiling consumer behavior. The data sets from webpage access log files represent an opportunity to interpret user characteristics by applying AR, DT and Neural Networks.

  • Data Mining and Decision Support in Health Care

Main Publications

Book cover 1

  • Carlos Soares, Rayid Ghani, Data Mining for Business Applications - book published by IOS Press - 2010.

  • Alí­pio M. Jorge, Paulo J. Azevedo, Ensembles of jittered association rule classifiers, in Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Volume 21, Number 1, page 91--129 - July 2010. (ISI)
  • João Mendes Moreira, Carlos Soares, Alipio M. Jorge, Jorge Freire de Sousa The Effect of Varying Parameters and Focusing on Bus Travel Time Prediction Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Proceedings of the 13th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD 2009), Volume 5476, page 689--696 - April 2009 [ISI, DBLP]

  • Carlos Soares, Y. Peng, J. Meng, Z. Zhou, T. Washio. Applications of Data Mining in E-Business and Finance. IOS Pres, 2008.
  • Alipio M. Jorge, Paulo J. Azevedo, Fernando Pereira,Distribution Rules with numeric attributes of interest, Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Principle and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (PKDD 2006), Volume 4213, page 247--258 - September 2006 (ISI)
  • Carmen Rebelo, Pedro Quelhas Brito, Carlos Soares, and Alípio M. Jorge, Factor Analysis to Support the Visualization and Interpretation of Clusters of Portal Users, in the 2006 IEEE / WIC / ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, 18-22 December 2006, Hong Kong.
  • Alí­pio M. Jorge, Paulo J. Azevedo, An Experiment with Association Rules and Classification: Post-Bagging and Conviction, in Proceedings of Discovery Science 2005, Singapore, LNCS, vol 3734, Springer, 2005. (ISI)
  • Alí­pio M. Jorge, Hierarchical Clustering for thematic browsing and summarization of large sets of Association Rules, SIAM SDM 2004, Data Mining Conference of the American Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIAM press, Orlando, Florida, Abril 2004.(ISI)
  • Miguel Veloso, Alí­pio M. Jorge, Paulo J. Azevedo, "Model-Based Collaborative Filtering For Team Building Support", ICEIS 2004, International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, ICCTS press, Porto, Portugal, Maio 2004. (DBLP)

    PhD Theses Completed


    • João Mendes Moreira, docente da FEUP, “Um processo de data mining para apoio à gestão de recursos humanos em empresas de transportes rodoviários de passageiros”, doutoramento em Ciências da Engenharia, Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto, superv. Jorge Freire de Sousa (FEUP), Alípio M. Jorge, December 2008.

    Recent MSc. Theses Completed


    • Nelson Cunha, Metodologia de Selecção de Segmentações Diversificadas, Mestrado em Gestão Comercial, Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto, Março de 2010, superv. Carlos Soares, Alípio M. Jorge
    • Ana Anacleto, Aplicação de técnicas de data mining a extração de elementos de documentos comerciais, Mestrado em Análise de Dados e Sistemas de Apoio à Decisão, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, concluída em Março de 2010, superv. Carlos Soares, Alípio M. Jorge
    • Ana Sofia Leite dos Santos, “Modelo de Determinação de uma Nota de Risco”, Mestrado em Análise de Dados e Sistemas de Apoio à Decisão, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, concluída em Março de 2010, superv. Alípio M. Jorge, Koen Vanhoof (Univ. Hasselt, Bélgium).

    Previous Projects

    • Triana- Travel time prediction and analysis for decision support to mass transport companies (with IDEMEC-Faculty of Engineering, and a protocol with STCP) (POCTI/TRA/61001/2004)(Jun '05- May '08)
    • CLASS - Classification and Association through Association Rules (with U. Minho and INE) (POSI / SRI / 39630 / 2001)(May '02- Dec '05)
    • Sol-Eu-Net - Data Mining and Decision Support for business competitiveness: A European virtual enterprise (IST-1999-11495) (till Mar. '03).