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Data Analysis and Statistical Methods



People involved: Paula Brito (coord.), Adelaide Figueiredo, Sónia Dias, Pedro Campos, Conceição Rocha
Colaboradores:  Carlos Soares, José G. Dias, Paulo Teles, Pedro Duarte Silva, Eduarda Silva
PhD Students: Paula Cheira, Hélder Alves, Ana Helena Tavares


Symbolic Data Analysis. The analysis of complex data, referred to as symbolic data, allows summarizing the complex/structured information (resulting, e.g. from aggregation of huge data sets), interpreting results as concepts of higher order. We are interested in multivariate analysis of symbolic data; in particular in clustering, discriminant analysis and time series analysis of interval data.

Clustering based on Graph Theory. Development of clustering methods based on graph theory. This involves the study of some graph theory concepts, in particular, the graph coloring problem and some graph k-partite properties. We further explore the validity of classifications, taking into account the lack of knowledge about the data set.

Probabilistic Methods in Clustering. We study non-hierarchical clustering methods based on probabilistic measures.

Weighted Measures in Classification. Development of new measures of association, including weighted measures, to solve some problems in classification. This led also to the development of weighted principal component analysis and its application in bioinformatics.

Classification of Ordinal Data. We aim to develop new methods for supervised classification of ordinal data, where the order between the classes is taken into account.

Distribution on the Hypersphere. We have developed some new results on Statistical Inference based on a distribution defined on the hypersphere for axial data, including goodness-of-fit tests for the Watson distribution defined on the hypersphere and the two-way Analysis of Variance for this distribution.

Analysis of Three-Way Data. We use some three-way methods of Data Analysis like the Statis method and the Multiple Factorial Analysis with applications to real data.

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