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João Gama

Associate Professor Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support, and Faculty of Economics, University of Porto Porto, Portugal

I'm a researcher at LIAAD - INESC Porto, the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support of the University of Porto

Scientific interests are:

  • Machine Learning
  • Learning from Data Streams
  • Ensembles of Classifiers
  • Constructive Induction
  • Probabilistic Reasoning

Publications at DBLP 

Recent Books

Extração de Conhecimento de Dados

       J. Gama, A. Carvalho, C. Lorena, K. Faceli, M. Oliveira (2012), Silabo

Knowledge Discovery from Data Streams

       J. Gama (2010), Chapman & Hall/CRC Press

Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data 

      Gaber, Vatsavai, Omitaomu, Gama, Chawla, Ganguly (Eds) (2010), Springer.

Learning from Data Streams -- Processing Techniques in Sensor Networks 

      J. Gama, M. Gaber (Eds) (2007), Springer.

Current Projects

Current Activities


  • Raquel Sebastiao, University of Porto
  • Carlos Ferreira, University of Porto
  • Petr Kosina, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
  • Marcia Oliveira, University of Porto

Former Students:

Member of the Editorial Board: Machine Learning JournalData Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryIntelligent Data Analysis and New Generation Computing

Member of APPIA (Associacao Portuguesa para a Inteligencia Artificial), IEEESIGAPP and SIGKDD


LIAAD-INESC Porto, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 378 
4200-378 Porto, Portugal 
Phone : (+351) 222 094 000 
Fax : (+351) 222 094 050 

João Gama, June 1, 2004

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