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Accepted Papers

  • Ezilda Almeida, Carlos Ferreira and Joao Gama. Learning Model Rules from High-Speed Data Streams
  • William Groves, Ernesto Nunes and Maria Gini. Predicting Globally and Locally: A Comparison of Methods for Vehicle Trajectory Prediction
  • Luis Moreira-Matias, Ricardo Fernandes, Joao Gama, Michel Ferreira, João Mendes-Moreira and Luis Damas. On Recommending Urban Hotspots to Find Our Next Passenger
  • Wentao Fan and Nizar Bouguila. Visual Scenes Clustering Using Variational Incremental Learning of Infinite Generalized Dirichlet Mixture Models
  • Harold Vasquez, Luis Enrique Sucar and Hugo Jair Escalante. Simultaneous segmentation and recognition of gestures for human-machine interaction
  • Daniel Villatoro, Jordi Aranda, Marc Planagumà, Rafael Gimenez and Marc Torrent-Moreno. Cicerone: Design of a Real-Time Area Knowledge-Enhanced Venue Recommender
  • Bruno Silva and Nuno C. Marques. Ubiquitous Self-Organizing Maps
  • Marius Hoffmann, Michael Mock and Michael May. Road-quality classification and bump detection with bycicle-mounted smartphones
  • Bruno Silva, Luis Cavique and Nuno C. Marques. Simulating Price Interactions by Mining Multivariate Financial Time Series
  • Olga Streibel. Trend template: mining trends with a semi-formal trend model