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Modeling Dynamic Systems


Responsible: Luis Torgo


This area addresses the task of inducing models of complex dynamic systems based on historical records of data related to their functioning. The systems we are interested in modeling typically evolve in time and have clear non-stationary properties, demanding for the ability of handling regime shifts in the obtained models. Due to the complex nature of these systems as well as their different regimes of functioning we will also explore the use of different models in a collaborative way with the goal of modeling the system. We are particularly interested in understanding the conditions under which the systems exhibit extreme behavior, like for instance unusually high or low values of certain variables that describe the state of the systems. The detection and forecasting of this extreme behavior is of crucial importance in several application areas, like for instance finance, ecology, insurance, meteorology, etc.


Ubiquous Data Mining

  • Spatio-temporal mining
  • Mining from network data

Mining Rare Events

  • Predicting extreme values
  • Outlier detection
  • Outlier ranking

Regression Analysis

  • Regression trees
  • Rule-based regression

Utility-based Learning

  • Utility-based regression
  • Evaluation of regression models


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